A nine-step journey to happiness

Kaizen for Personal Growth Development

We have options for replacing a lost set of keys, a lost phone or even lost money, but what are the options for replacing lost time?

Kaizen for Personal Growth Development is about one’s personal journey, which recognises that there are other people and circumstances that impact this trip of life. It recognises the effect that life’s issues can cause a person’s happiness to be curtailed and leave one with dashed hopes and dreams.

Kaizen for Personal Growth

More About The Book

“The way Winston coaches and leads people to find their own answers and work as a group is second to none! I would highly recommend Winston to anyone looking for any development needs regarding Lean/Six Sigma or Leadership/Management – absolutely superb!”

Kelvin Calvert

“Winston always leaves me and the business energised, ready to face the challenges we have worked out together. He is a great communicator and has the innate ability of being able to get individuals to work through solutions as a team.”

Chris Milton – Director, Thatchers Cider

This book comprises nine steps that make the difference to a restart of a hoped for journey. It helps to pick you up from wherever you are and for the reader to identify where they want to get to and you find a worthy companion with the book as you continue the walk of your life. It is filled with personalised stories that readers can relate with.

It is a worthwhile quest that you spend every hour you are alive with a purpose, do activities aligned to your values, make a positive impact now and for future generations to come!

About The Author

Winston Brown is a management consultant who has been leading global business transformations for over three decades. He specialises in implementing continuous improvement operating systems and developing leadership teams. He believes Kaizen is a philosophy, a personal journey driven by a strong desire to improve on the status quo. This book captures the insights he has gained coaching thousands of senior managers along their quest, and it will help the reader learn how they create a happier life!

Winston Brown
Management Consultant, Writer, and Marketeer.